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Aaron - Starla Gesch

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Aaron and Starla Gesch


Printed in Pinedale (WY) Bible Church Newsletter, March, 2007


Aaron Gesch grew up in a ‘semi-nomadic’ childhood, living in Wisconsin, Peru, New Mexico and Illinois. His father was a Christian School teacher for Wycliffe for the years in Peru. After high school, Aaron moved out west, becoming a big game guide, & returned to Peru in the winters where he spent time with the Matses Indians doing anthropological videoing. In 1995, Aaron was hired on at Boulder Lake Lodge and was introduced to the Pinedale area.


Starla was born and raised in Casper. She started working at Boulder Lake Lodge as a cabin girl and meal server in 1994, and it was there that the couple met. Aaron and Starla were married in 1996. They moved to Illinois but within six months they "couldn’t stand not being in the West" and took a job in Montana. The owners of Halfmoon Lake Lodge heard of Aaron and asked him to apply for a job. He felt he was too young and inexperienced. Starla sent off the resume. He was hired as the manager of Halfmoon Lake Lodge in January of 1998. Aaron said, "I had no management experience or education. I wasn’t qualified for the job. But, it was small at first and I grew and learned with the business." Aaron, Starla and their newborn son Michael moved to Pinedale in the Spring of 1998.


Their second son, Matthew, was born in 2001. Aaron said, "After our first two sons were born we agreed that we would begin adopting. We felt there were so many kids who need a good home." They began taking in foster children in 2004 & adopted Markita Kristine this past Spring.


The Gesches will be moving to Wisconsin in July. Aaron will be attending a four-year Christian Ministries program at Trinity International University. After that will be three years of Seminary focused on Pastoral Care and Biblical Counseling. Both Aaron and Starla come from a church background. Aaron said, "I grew up in a dedicated Christian family and received gobs of Biblical knowledge. I accepted Christ as my savior at an early age, but I was going through the motions. I did my own thing. I talked the talk. After our marriage, Starla’s Walk began to be renewed first. She started getting things straightened out with the Lord. I was too busy working 7 days a week, 16 and 17 hour days. Her example was a great encouragement to me. She was a big influence that made me look at myself. I said I wanted to live for Jesus, but that wasn’t reflected in my life. I went through a ‘crisis of belief’ in which I came to accept Jesus’ Lordship.”


Aaron became involved with Prayer Breakfast and Men’s Bible Study. Both of these helped to encourage Aaron’s relationship with the Lord. His work at Halfmoon Lodge gave him opportunities for witnessing and counseling. In 2004 he was asked to be an "Elder in Training" at Pinedale Bible Church. He said, "The process is extremely humbling. The first thing through your mind is, ‘I’m not adequate’ and you see all your shortcomings. But you realize God doesn’t need adequate, he needs willing. The responsibility before the Lord and the congregation is staggering." He became an Elder in the Spring of 2006.


Looking at the future, Aaron is excited for the new church building and sorry they won’t get to be involved with the next stages at PBC. He and Starla and their children will be living near his family in Wisconsin. Aaron said, “ I am looking forward to living near family for the first time and enjoying my grand parents in their later years. I feel it will be great for my children to receive the blessing of great grandparents and the Christian heritage that began with them.” I don’t know where I’ll be after 7 years, that’s not the piece of the puzzle that I was given. We will wait and see where the Lord leads.” Interview by Judi Myers 2/07

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