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Aaron-Diane Willson

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Aaron & Diane Willson Interview for Pinedale (WY) Bible Church newsletter. May, 2007




Aaron Willson grew up in Torrington and Evanston, WY, where his father was a pastor in the Church of the Nazarene. Aaron has always had a love of ranching. After high school he attended Northwest Nazarene University in ID. It took him 5 years to graduate with a degree in biology as he was packing for the Forest Service in the summers and guiding for an outfitter in MT in the fall. Diane Willson grew up on a ranch in Eastern OR and was the 5th generation on that ranch. Because of the remoteness of her home, she had to attend a public boarding school in Crane, OR – one of the last in the nation. She said, “Both of my grandfathers were instrumental in starting the school and both my parents went there.” She played volleyball, basketball and ran track. During the week she boarded at the school’s dorm and on weekends her parents “followed the bus around to all the games and meets.”


Aaron & Diane met on a blind date in college. Aaron laughingly said, “It was a good thing she was ‘blind’ or she wouldn’t have gone out with me!” When asked if it was ‘love at first sight’, they both nodded vigorously. Aaron added, “No question about it! There have been several big events in our life that were crystal clear and that was one of them.” Diane’s degree is in Elementary Education and she found a job in Grandview, ID. Aaron said, “She got the job and then I asked her to marry me!” They were married Nov. 25, 1995. While in ID Aaron worked for Simplot, a large Agricultural Company. But, they both wanted to be in WY. In 1999 Diane obtained a job in the Pinedale school system and Aaron went to work on the Cottonwood (the old Fear) Ranch. Later he worked on the Bar Cross Ranch north of Cora for 4 years.


In 2004 they leased the old Ed Steele Ranch on Ehman Lane from Don & Ginger Whitaker. They run a cow/calf, yearling, and a small, registered Angus operation.


In Sept, 2004 their daughter, Ruthee, was born. Rosemary Aultman took care of her in the mornings, but she spent the afternoons with her father. Diane said, “They have a special bond. Ruthee loves her dad and going out and checking the calves. That’s what we love about ranch life – being able to do those things together.” In 2006 Diane ‘retired’ from teaching to devote time to her family. They are in the process of adopting Caleb who was born in Jan, 2007.


Aaron & Diane have been working with the Middle School Youth Group for 8 years. Aaron is an Elder at Pinedale Bible Church. He said, “It was unexpected. I think Pastor Jim was half-asleep when he asked me! First I was a deacon for about a year, then an Elder-in-training for 2 years. Like all true believers, I’m in the process of growing and walking with the Lord. I value the importance of our church body. Our local body has meant so much to me and my family. You can’t be a ‘Lone Ranger’ Christian. It’s not in God’s plan. We all need accountability and relationship. I don’t necessary like to be in the center of large crowds, but I am a people person.” By Judi Myers

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