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Bill - Prill Mecham

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Bill & Prill Mecham began their married life in a log cabin in Teton Park (no running water) in 1976, not far from where they had met. Just before the wedding Prill became seriously ill & was in the hospital, but they decided not to postpone it. “I basically watched my wedding,” said Prill. “Well, I did stand up to say our vows.” Meanwhile Bill was building her wedding gift – a lodge pole bed. Later he built the lodgepole living room furniture they still use.


Prill grew up in NY and has a degree in Anthropology with emphasis in Archaeology. She loved the West and the outdoor lifestyle that cemented their relationship. Prill said, “My daughters, Sarah and Megen were in school, so after 2 years we needed to do something about our vagabond life style (seasonal work with the Park Service). We both applied for permanent federal service. I got the first job offer – with the BLM in Colorado – so Bill followed me around for 10 years.

Then it was Bill’s turn to begin a career. Setting aside his degree in Outdoor Recreational Planning and early days as a Teton Park Ranger, he began a contracting business in Nevada, where he’d grown up. “It was a scary time,” said Prill. “I quit a stable job and Bill was just starting. We did a lot of praying! The Lord blessed us with that move and we did well.” Prill returned to work for the BLM in NV but in 1998 she saw a job opening in Pinedale. She called Bill. Without hesitation, he answered, “Put in for it”. Prill got the job, they moved to Pinedale and last January she decided to retire. Bill moved “Mecham & Mecham Construction” to Pinedale and is currently building the new Pinedale Bible Church. Bill has been an Elder in charge of the spiritual leadership of the church for 5 years. Their grandson Josh lived with them from the time he was born until he was 16 and he now lives in New York State.


Printed in Pinedale (WY) Bible Church Newsletter, July, 2006

By Judi Myers

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