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Carl - Peggy Winters

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Carl and Peggy Winters


Printed in Rendezvous Pointe Newsletter, Jan. 2007

(Pinedale, WY Senior Center)



Carl and Peggy Winters both grew up in Kansas where their families had farms. Peggy said, “We had wheat & milk cows. We milked them the hard way. It scarred me for life!” Being in the country they both rode horses to school. Peggy added, “Our schools were very small. Mine was one-room and Carl’s was two.” They became high school sweethearts. Carl played football, basketball, track, tennis and baseball. Peggy remembers that back then girls were only allowed to play half-court basketball. She said, “All I ever did was play defense.” They were married in 1955, after Peggy had worked in a Farm Bureau office and Carl had attended junior college. When asked what his field of interest was, Peggy laughed and answered, “Goofing Off!” After a moment Carl said, “I think it was geology.” Then Carl whispered, “Peggy had a beautiful voice and was offered many college scholarships, but her dad decided she should go to work.”




Carl worked in a Mission soda pop factory after high school but had a job on an oil rig in Nebraska when they got married. They got married, went straight to Kimball and the company wouldn’t let Carl have any honeymoon. They lived all over in Colorado, Nebraska, North Dakota and Montana before landing in Pinedale in 1968. At that point they both agreed, “This is it. We’re not moving anymore.” Carl worked for Chandler & Associates out of Denver for his 37-year career. He was the drilling superintendent and said, “They don’t do that anymore. We used to get a location ready in one day. Now it’s six weeks!”




The Winters’ have three sons and seven grandchildren. Brad has a boy and a girl. Kelly has two daughters and Gil has three sons. Peggy & Carl are closely involved in their lives. They remember taking up the sport of golfing when they still had to pick rocks out of the fairways and in winter Carl likes to snowmobile. Carl retired from the oil fields about 1990 and began planting trees. He said, “I just like to do it – don’t make any money but I sure make friends.” Peggy added, “You retire and work all the time.”




Peggy has run the Mosquito Project for 26 years with Carl’s help. Carl said, “I worked for her. She was the boss.” Carl is not shy about giving Peggy credit. When asked about their home, he said, “She built it” and went on to tell about several houses. She did all the inside work on their cabin up the Green River, a house in Shelter Park, a duplex, their home on Mesa Road, the Frances & Bert Clark homestead cabin, Kelly’s house that was moved from Jackson and their present home on Pine Creek! Peggy said that the biggest challenge was Kelly’s 4000 sq ft house. “It came in four pieces!” It took eight months but she put it back together.




When asked if they travel, Carl said that they had so much moving around when they were starting out that they don’t have much interest in it now. He added, “We don’t go camping either. We lived in trailers when we were young and we had enough of that.” Carl & Peggy will soon celebrate their 53rd anniversary. Their present house is right on Pine Creek and they have lived in it for about three years. Peggy said, “The trees and the creek stop the noise. There is nothing like living by the water.”


By Judi Myers

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