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Cub - Lynn Feltner

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Cub and Lynn Feltner:

Cub Feltner was born in 1931 and raised in Pinedale. He was the 4th of Angeline & CC (Curtis) Feltner’s 6 children: Wayne, Juana, Elma, Cub, Sally & Angela. Cub’s real name is Curt but his father had a WWI friend named Cubby and that became his name. He shortened it to Cub when he was in 5th grade.


Cub’s father taught school in Kendall after WWI, surveyed much of early Sublette County, built irrigation canals, sold insurance, was the county road supervisor, started an abstract company, developed land, had a rock claim on Red Creek, had a sawmill in Kelly Park and went into ranching. Cub’s dad built the house that is now the Chambers Bed & Breakfast and the family lived there until about 1940. Cub’s mom, Angeline, was born on the Green River just west of Pinedale and lived in the Pinedale area all her life. She was a popular thespian in early Pinedale, enjoyed bridge, and was active in American Legion Auxiliary and Eastern Star. She lived to be nearly 103.


Cub remembers learning how to swim when his brother threw him into the Big Ditch on the hill east of Faler’s General Store. When Cub was 9 the family moved to the ranch on Pole Creek Road (the red-roofed ranch on the north side of the road). Cub said, “My dad and I pretty much built that place. My older brother was in the service. Kids worked in those days. When I was 12, I drove an old truck way up LaBarge Creek to a sawmill and got a load of lumber all by myself. Dad drew up a map for me and I didn’t see any landmarks for a long time. But I made it.” The Feltner Ranch was a cow/calf operation. They also had 100 head of ewes, and raised alfalfa, small grains, and grass hay. “There was always something to do,” said Cub. “Irrigating, getting poles and building fence, burning sagebrush, branding, putting up hay, gardening, feeding or butchering the hogs, and marketing livestock. There was never time to go into the mountains but we'd have Sunday picnics at all the local lakes.” Of Cub’s High School graduating class of 10 students, Jep Richie, Jack & Virginia Doyle, Emma Lee Hecox and Cub still live here.


At the end of WWII Cub went into the Air Force and his brother Wayne came home to ranch. Cub earned his BS & MS at UW and his PhD at UAZ in Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. He held positions at UW, KS State, MT State, and UNH. He was named an outstanding UW alumni in 2002.


Lynn Feltner is from Alexandria, LA and Cub was at the Air Force Base there. They met while swimming in Valentine Lake on June 10, 1951. They were married Sept 8, 1051. Lynn is #7 of 8 children. She grew up on a farm until she was 10 when her dad went into real estate and they moved to town. Cub said, “Lynn was a great department head’s wife and Dean’s wife. She understood the job and was a great entertainer. Students and faculty were in our home all the time.” Lynn added, “And I loved it!” Lynn used to paint, quilt and play bridge. Her 3.5 level tennis team placed 3rd nationally in 1995. Cub and Lynn have played tennis in the Senior Olympics in Tucson.


They have 3 children: Britt, a dentist in KS; Shari, a financial consultant in OR; and Brian, an engineer in WI. They have 4 grandchildren: Jessica, Curtiss, Erin and Riley. The Feltners vacationed in Pinedale and worked on the ranch in the summer. Cub said, “All the kids and grandkids see Pinedale as a touchstone.” Cub retired in 1995 and they became Snowbirds.


Cub is proud that he served his country during the Korean War. He’d like to see more young vets take an interest in the VFW and American Legion because the current members are getting old. Cub and Lynn enjoy coming to Rendezvous Pointe for lunch several times a week.


By Judi Myers

Printed in Rendezvous Pointe (Pinedale, WY Senior Center) Newsletter, October, 2006

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